Monday, October 17, 2011

Shopping Online.

I personally love shopping online. It seems to be a much better and easier way to shop than going into a store. For birthdays and such, this is the way to go! I don't know how it is for my Canada readers, but I would think online shopping would be just as nice for you as well. Whether it is gift shopping, clothing, etc. I love it!

One area I have a hard time with though is books. I like going into a book store and getting the feel for what is there and what is available. Sometimes it is still nice to shop online and I don't have a hard time with it but I prefer an actual store.

How do you feel? Do you prefer an actual book store? Or are you one of those rigid online shoppers? Do you think book stores are going out of style? I hate to see this happening and I hope it never really fades. I can't see them disappearing but I have noticed less book stores and many are closing down. Tell me your thoughts below. I would love to see what you think about this:)

I have not purchased from this site. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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