Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tips for Helping Keep Your Family Cold and Flu-Free.

Well, it is hard to believe that fall is here and we are heading into the winter time. The weather has been going back and forth between nippy and cold to hot and muggy. And don't forget the rain:) All of this back and forth weather tends to bring out the sniffles and sneezes, along with the fevers and headaches. My allergies tend to flare up in the summer but I know that many people have a lot of trouble during the winter times as well. I have given some tips below for keeping your family cold and flu-free. These are ones that I like to use and it helps out some:) Not saying that if you do these your family will not be sick at all! Just to make that clear:D

1.Bundle Up.
Make sure that if you are going out and it is raining or has the possibility of cold weather, you bundle up. Even if you put on layers that can be taken off, it is always better than wishing you had brought a sweater and ending up sick. I like to put on a blouse and a sweater, or a long sleeve shirt and a t-shirt. That way I can take one off if I need to. Rain is something you really have to watch over. We went out one time in Chicago and it poured. Needless to say everyone got sick the next week because of getting wet and all. Don't take the chance!

2.Keep Temperatures Right.
In our house, some of us like it cold while others like it warmer. Make sure to keep temperatures at the right spot. We like to open the windows and let in fresh air and also keep the humidifier on. These always help!

3.Take Vitamins.
I love taking Vitamin C. It is a big help for people who get sick frequently. Whenever I feel a cold or a bug coming on, I take several Vitamin C. Some people I know take orange juice but I think the vitamins are better. Of course, the best thing is probably an orange, but you know how many oranges you would have to eat:)

4.Stay Active.
It is a well known fact that people who are active are healthier. Make sure you bundle up and then take your walk in the evening. Play outside with the kids or go jump rope:) But staying active is a great way to stay healthy.

5.Eat Fruits and Veggies.
This is another one of those that is good anytime, but especially during the winter time, it is essential to get the right amount of fruits and veggies. They are great for your health and will do wonders. I love having salads for lunch or dinner and then fruit for breakfast. Even if they have fruit as a snack, it is good for them to get the vitamins and nutrients. This will cut down on the sickness as well.

6.When You Do Get A Cold.
I like to try to stay ahead of the colds but it doesn't always happen. When they do come, make sure to drink plenty of fluids(water is the absolute best for this but a Sprite or 7-Up is good too) and have tissues handy:) Also make sure to get fresh air in the room. I rarely get a cold, but it sometimes happens. And then you just do the best you can:) Children especially get whiny and grumpy when they are sick but make sure they take their medications. Kick it out of them as fast as you can.

So these are some of my tips. They are not anything mind blowing and are pretty easy to do. If you have another one for me, please leave it below.

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