Saturday, November 5, 2011

Air Guns

In our family, guns are known as the boys toys. Whether they head to the closest gun range or take it to the woods. I am not too big on guns. I like to go to the gun range every once in a while, but not like the guys do:) They have looked at everything from rifles, pistols, air guns, and down to the BB Guns. There is such an array of guns out there now a days it is amazing. I like to browse the sites with pictures and they often have some interesting guns.

One pistol they found, which they like a lot, is the Airsoft Pistol. These are nice little pistols that are not that expensive. I personally like the old western type pistol and the way they look. But I will probably never own one myself. The boys when they were younger used to go play cowboys and indians but they have since changed the style of guns. This is a nice site with a lot of nice pictures. Nice guns!!

I have not bought or purchased from this site.

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