Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Cards and Tiny Prints

Oh the wonderful time of the year! I personally love this season. The weather is pretty nice, getting a little bit chilly:) That nip is in the air that speaks of hot coffee, peppermint and evergreen. And don't forget the turkey and that scrumptious meal that makes you gain 10 pounds:D But, this time of year is when you start thinking about your family picture and holiday cards. I like a card that has a picture of the whole family and that is bright and cheery.

Tiny Prints is one of my favorite places to go for holiday cards. They have some of the best ones out there and the quality is super!! They are an excellent company. But I found recently that I have thought more about what I like in a holiday card. I enjoy one that showcases something about the holiday, features your family on the forefront and that looks casual, not a formal photo that makes your family look like they are on display:) My favorite card is the Festive Monogram. This really looks great and I love the wreath monogram on the front. It has the place for a family picture and yet it doesn't look fake or made up. I don't know about you, but that monogram just jumps out at me. It doesn't take away from the picture but it adds to the whole design.

So there is my favorite and why I like it. Let me know what you desire in a holiday card. Do you like to have the picture inside? Or do you like to make a statement on the front? Tell me below:) I love to hear from my readers and know that they are reading my posts!!

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Great! thanks for the share!

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