Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Horses and Saddlery

For the longest time when I was younger, I wanted a horse. I saved for one, read about them, got all the horse books from the library and prayed for one as hard as I could. Once I got old enough to figure out how much a horse would cost, I decided it would be best to wait and just take riding lessons for a while. Then for a while I was interested in dressage and the different equestrian events. But then you get into needing all the dressage apparel and all that extra stuff:)

Now that I am an adult I would be much more prone to getting a horse. I have browsed the websites and there are so many neat products out there now. This particular website has the best equestrian apparel brands out there. Everything from kerrits riding breeches to Ariat boots. They have everything for the horse and rider and the prices are pretty good for what I have seen.

All thoughts are 100% mine. I have not purchased from this site.


Patricia said...
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Patricia said...

We had horses when our kids were still living at home. We don't have them anymore I really miss riding.

plb1050 at gmail dot com

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