Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Preparing Your House Pipes For Winter.

Howdy folks! It is getting to be that time of year again. The weather is turning cold and that means we have all the added fun of making sure the pipes are kept warm, the house is hole free, and the windows are air-tight. Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than frozen pipes!! Having to deal with the cracks and then no water, it is not nice.

When we used to live in Florida, we didn't have much trouble with frozen pipes. You might occasionally have weather cold enough to freeze them, but not very often. And that was pretty much the northern parts of Florida, not the middle where we lived. But since we have moved up north, well technically it is mid-west but still, we have had to make sure our house is ready for the colder weather. And that normally means that we have to go hunting about now:) No, not animal hunting, but hole and crack hunting. The windows all have to be air-tight and there can't be any holes. This really lets the air in.

Our main job though is to check the pipes and make sure there are no cracks already, and that they have insulation around them. This can be done by a company as well but we have yet to call one in. With two teen-age boys, they pretty much do that type of stuff. A foam works good and they have sleeves made for the hard to get areas. This really helps to keep plumbing repairs at a minimum. Prevention is the best way!!

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Dwane Zelinsky said...

Flowing water is an important commodity during winter. A few weeks before winter, we make sure all house pipes are inspected and insulated. We also have our HVAC system thoroughly checked for any problem. In the long run, early preparation saves us a lot of inconvenience.

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