Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tips For Winterizing Your House

Howdy all! Wow! I don't believe the way the weather has changed so fast. Here in IL it is cold and windy with the occasional day that is warmer. Just waiting for the snow now:) JK! No really, it is getting colder and with the cold comes the added responsibility of making sure your house is winterized. That includes the fun of frozen pipes, leaks, holes, etc. I have some tips below that I think will help make sure you don't get the frozen pipes, etc.

1.Keep Your Pipes Warm.
This is the number one responsibility in my opinion. There is nothing like frozen pipes or pipes that have burst. In the winter time this is a big deal. Your pipes freeze and you are without water until they are fixed. The best way to keep them from freezing is to put insulation around the pipes. Any part that could freeze should be covered.

2.Seal Holes.
Whether it is a little hole in the attic or a big hole, it needs sealed. This is for anything in the house at all or even underneath the house. A hole will let in air and can freeze a pipe or let dampness in the house. Not a good thing and it can also allow little creatures in that are not wanted:) Mice get bad during the winter time so make sure to close or seal all holes with foam sealant.

3.Keep the House Warm.
Make sure to keep the inside warm, even when you are gone from the house. We try to leave the heat on a low setting so it will kick in before allowing the pipes to freeze. Also run a little bit of water if it gets too cold. This will stop the water from freezing in the pipes, so long as it is enough water.

These are just a couple of my tips. Prevention is so much better than repair. Remember this when you don't feel like crawling under the house to make sure the pipes are insulated. If you have another tip, leave it below for the other readers:)

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