Monday, December 12, 2011

Copper Internet Service

Howdy friends and neighbors! Hard to believe how fast the year is flying by. Looking back I have been trying to see how much time I spend on the internet on a daily basis. I look at is as a business and so the money that goes out is not really all that much. But I would definitely be out of my job, if I didn't have internet service. Where would we be without it?

I for one like to get a dial-up internet service. This normally comes through the same company I have my telephone with but I have recently been looking around for cheaper prices and better rates. One company I found while browsing the internet has really good prices and brings dial up to the USA and Canada. They start at an affordable rate of 9.95 per month and that is for unlimited access!

I was pretty impressed with the website. It is easy to navigate around and they have plenty of information that could be of great help. They also have answers to common questions and one thing I found interesting is they have a demo where you can see for yourself the faster internet service!! Unbelievable! You can actually put in a website and it will show you the HiSpeed service.

You just might want to check this place out if you are in the search for a good, quality, hi-speed internet service. They are not your regular run of the mill type of place and they seem above board. I myself am looking into them to maybe get my bills down. Everyone wants cheaper bills, right? This just might do it:)

I have not used this site or purchased from it. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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