Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Eyeglasses and the Fun of Wearing Them.

I am one of those people who has to wear glasses. I don't necessarily hate wearing them, but at times I don't like wearing them. Especially while I am playing volleyball or another sport. They are just not helpful while playing a rough sport:) But one thing I have learned, is that I can't live without them. I have tried going without them for a little bit at a time, someone told me it is good for your eyes to read every once in a while without the glasses, but I can't do it.

I mainly buy my eyeglasses while I am in the store after doing my eye exam. But I have recently heard some good things about purchasing your glasses online. My eyes are pretty bad so I wasn't sure how that would work. But I am game for a lot of things so I went browsing the web to find out more. There is a lot of info on there for buying glasses over the internet. Most places let you send it back if there is a problem so I was happy about that.

One place I found online, I heard some really good things about. They have very good prices, helpful customer service and nice glasses! I have seen some glasses that are cheap but they look ugly as can be:) I for one like a more sophisticated style that is still feminine. This website has a lot of nice products that are inexpensive. I already mentioned that my sight is pretty bad, so I wasn't sure how prescription eyeglasses would come out from an online site. I know it sounds bad, but I wasn't sure they could get the right prescription. I was pleased to find out that the prescription can be put in online and you have no worries about it being done.

If you are in the search for glasses, this is a place I would suggest. I am pleased with their site, they have plenty of information that is helpful for an online buyer. I never would have thought you could buy glasses online when I first started wearing them, but now it is something I have done and will do again in the future. I am very happy with buying glasses online!

GlassesUSA can be found on Facebook and Twitter and they often run specials through their page. But they are running a wonderful special for my readers below! Check it out if you are looking for glasses.

Readers, is having a special Holiday sale. They have offered my blog readers a code.

Take 30% off any pair of glasses and get FREE US shipping with the code Holiday11. Basic single vision lenses included and upgrades are available for an additional cost.
Take 10% off any order of prescription glasses. Code: Blog10


Maryann said...

I have always worn eyeglasses and contacts since 3rd grade. I never would have thought to look on-line for glasses, so this is a great option now. I am glad we have so many choices now with our eyewear.

twinkle at optonline dot net

Vincent Davis said...

Even people who don't have eye problems wear eyeglasses nowadays, which gets people used to wearing eyeglasses. It has become a fashion accessory. Online shops have a wide variety of styles to choose from, which gets lot of people like hooked on collecting eye wear.

Sam Times said...


I actually know some people who likes to wear glasses for fashion. And there are those people who wears them just to look like hipsters, right?

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