Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gift Cards Make Great Gifts!

Hey everyone,
It has been in a while since I worked with Social Moms on a post. So I was really excited when I saw this blogging opportunity! They have joined up with Gift Cards Rock! This page is something I will be visiting in the future:) I personally love gift cards and give them often as gifts. They are so easy to use and people love them!

One of my favorite things is that you can get gift cards for so many places. You don't have to decide whether a person will like a certain item but they have the option of picking out something they want. My favorite store is probably WalMart but I also love restaurants. So if I give a friend a WalMart card, they can pick out anything from that store to purchase.

As a woman I like going shopping at department stores. I have often been given gift cards to Kohl's and JC Penney and these are some of my favorites to shop at. Whether I get them for my birthday or as a thank you present, I can shop and get a few pieces of clothing that I really want.

I like giving gift cards as I don't have to worry about the person liking what I get them. They may not seem as personal but people love these! I know I sure do! Restaurant gift cards make good gifts for the person who travels, is going away on a vacation or holiday trip, or for the mother who likes to have a date night:) I also like that you can send these online through some stores. That way you can send it out and they get it right away! Great for when you are short on time or you forgot somebodies birthday.

There are many ways you can incorporate these as a gift or into a gift basket. I am a book lover and I have several friends that are, so one way I would use a gift card for this would be making a book lover basket. Starting with a basket I would put in a book reading light, a book or two they would enjoy and a highlighter. Then, depending on the person, I would add a gift card to a local bookstore and a gift card to a coffee shop. Or maybe a gift card to Panera Bread. These are so handy!! You could use these with a soup basket or a spa basket for a mother needing a spa time. Gift cards can be bought from Bath and Body Works, The Body Store, Panera Bread, etc.

So, if you are in the need of a great last minute gift, check out gift cards. They can be purchased at your local grocery store and they often have over 50 companies or stores to purchase for. Do you have an idea for another gift idea? Leave it in a comment below. I love hearing about your ideas:)

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Gift Cards Rock blogging program, for 6,000 My SocialMoms Rewards Points. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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