Thursday, December 8, 2011

NCIS PC Game Review

Hey everyone,
I recently received a really neat computer game. This is based on the NCIS TV Series but I was interested in it for the mystery and adventure. I am a big fan of figuring out whodunnit and why, so this game came as quite a surprise. Apart from the tv aspect, it was interesting and I will let you know about my likes below.

For the first time ever, the world of the NCIS TV drama series comes to life on home gaming consoles and Windows PC. Fans can play as their favorite characters from NCIS and and travel around the world in search of clues to solve complex murder, espionage and terrorist cases. The game features four original cases written and developed with the writers of the hit TV show.

• PLAY AS THE CAST, BE PART OF THE FAMILY – Investigate crime scenes as agents Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo, conduct forensics analyses as Abby Sciuto, perform victim autopsies as Ducky Mallard, interrogate and break suspects as special agent Gibbs, and use satellite tracking to apprehend bad guys on the run as special agent McGee.
• EMBARK ON YOUR OWN NCIS ADVENTURE – Written with the writers of the hit TV show, embark on an all-new NCIS story arc complete with four original NCIS cases set in exotic environments ranging from a casino in Atlantic City to a luxury hotel in Dubai. Discover exciting connections between the four cases as you crack each one, and work toward solving the entire investigation.
• TOTAL IMMERSION INTO THE WORLD OF NCIS – Use your guts and cutting-edge technology to solve cases. Players can engage in mini-games and activities keep them on their toes; scour crime scenes for clues, collect evidence, use the latest forensic tools to perform autopsies, and conduct dramatic interrogations of the most promising suspects. Finally, players will put the clues together to deduct the truth!
• EXPERIENCE NCIS TEAM CAMARADERIE – Fans can bond with their favorite NCIS characters and experience the group’s humor, personality quirks and defining characteristics. Players interact with the characters through compelling layers of storyline and dialogue designed to make them an integral member of the team.

The NCIS video game is based on NCIS, the #1 rated drama series on television in the US, averaging more than 220 million primetime viewers. NCIS is currently in its ninth season and is licensed in more than 120 territories worldwide.

This game is pretty fun to play. It is easy to navigate and I had no problem figuring out how to work everything, except that I had to hook up a mouse. For some reason I do not have the scroll on my laptop so it wouldn't work when I had to take a picture, etc. The controls are not that hard to figure out and they seriously explain everything pretty much as you do it. This is not hard at all!! There are questions asked where you have to answer the right thing or you have to go back to a certain point. Nothing major but you have to pay attention. Throughout the game you play as the different characters and you rotate through them. The mystery is exciting and I like all the aspects they introduce to you in the game. You do an autopsy, investigate a crime scene, compare fingerprints and tire treads, follow a suspect on a car chase, etc. This is a really exciting game! Even if it wasn't based on the show, this is a engaging in itself:)

You can tell this is based on the show and much of it goes back to that. The cases are supposed to be based on cases from the show and the characters look pretty much like the ones from the show. Kind of neat to be playing as them:) There are several cases and they all end up in a major plot. You basically solve several cases that end up being part of a big plan. So even when you think you are done with a case, something turns up in the next case showing they are related.

This is rated T for Teen because of certain things and there were definitely some things I didn't care for but overall a pretty interesting game. There was a swear word or two but they said it had suggestive themes and it didn't have that much. Just some basic flirting which happens in a lot of things. I enjoyed playing through the game and it was quite interesting. Not ever day you get to perform an autopsy on a dead body:D The overall play time was about 5 hours. We probably could have gotten it done faster but we enjoyed playing it slowly.

Overall this is a game that is fun to play. Fun and interesting but definitely for older teens who are going to understand what to do and how to play. Interesting plot line and characters that are fun and more than one dimensional. This is put out by Ubisoft and I was pretty impressed.

According to FCC Disclosure I received a copy of this game for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.


mamabunny13 said...

Oh my gosh, I love NCIS! This sounds like fun.
mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

Josiah said...

Sounds like fun I'd love to play it.

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