Monday, January 30, 2012

Friend That Loves to Plan

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

My friend Lucy sent me a link for Stream Energy Texas - Get Info so I could see some more options for electricity providers before moving. I am going down to Texas in May and she is trying to make sure I am amply prepared for it. Lucy has always looked out for me. When she was getting married, she sent me deals for airplane tickets just about everyday. She wanted to make sure that I had gotten my ticket and that the ticket I purchased was for the best possible price. She really loves to look up deals and figure out the best method to do different activities and tasks. I think she should work for a company like LivingSocial so she can constantly see and get great deals. She has sent me just about everything you can think of related to moving to a new house. Cook books, furniture, utilities, you name it and she has probably sent information to me about it. It has been so helpful so far. I am tempted to ask her to just plan the whole move for me!

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Maryann D. said...

It is great to have a caring friend like that. Lucy must be an organized person and very helpful to be able to find and send you all the information you need.

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