Friday, January 13, 2012

Healthy Snacking with Pretzels

Well, it has been a while since Social Moms has given us a writing opportunity but this time they have come out with a great one! They have teamed up with Snyder's Pretzels on this one! You know, the king of snacking pretzels? One nice thing with pretzels is that they are somewhat healthy and they are so easy to snack on! You can bring them in a plastic baggie, pack them in a lunch bag, etc. So whether you are using them for your child for lunch or you are grabbing them on the go, these are excellent and fit the bill just right.

My favorite recipe to use pretzels is trail mix. This is somewhat of a snacking recipe or if you put the right foods in it, you can use it for breakfast. And you can go healthy or not so healthy:) But I personally like it better when the recipe is good for you. So, included below is the one that I like to use.

2.Sunflower Seeds
3.Nuts-I use Almonds but you can use peanuts, mixed nuts or walnuts as well.
4.Cereal-I like to use a corn cereal or you can use other types.
5.Seasoning. I sometimes use a light sprinkling of powdered sugar or you can use a garlic, chili powder seasoning. This gives it a spicy kick. The powdered sugar is good for the children who won't eat it otherwise. If they are the type who like a healthy snack, let them eat it the other way. Another way I like it is with a ranch dressing powder mix. This makes for a really nice snack.

I throw all these ingredients into a big bowl and mix them together. Now you can really have fun and mix this up with different ingredients and different seasonings. Children like the more sugary options but you can even get them to like it with the better for you seasonings.

I personally like to snack on healthy foods. Whether this means cheese and crackers or celery sticks with blue cheese, I like when I can feel good about what I am eating. Below are some tips on eating healthy.

1.Fresh is Best.
When you can go with something fresh and raw, that is the best way possible. Like I said above, celery sticks, carrots, fruit, etc. These are better for you overall.

2.Portion Control.
I just recently acquired a portion control bowl and I love using it for snacking! I make sure to put my bag away after I have filled my bowl and then I only eat what is there. So much better than eating and eating until you have somehow finished half the bag. Make sure to only pull out a handful or whatever you are snacking on and then put the bag away.


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SocialMoms said...

Portion control is so important. Thanks for sharing!

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