Friday, January 20, 2012

Love Blooms in Winter By Lori Copeland Book Review

You all know how much I enjoy historical Christian fiction. It is my favorite genre of books to read. And one of the most well known authors in this genre is Lori Copeland. I don't think I have ever met someone who likes historical Christian fiction that has not heard of her before. So when I saw her new book, Love Blooms in Winter, I just knew it would be on my wish list:)

A romantic new book from bestselling author Lori Copeland that portrays God’s miraculous provision even when none seems possible.

1892—Mae Wilkey’s sweet next-door neighbor, Pauline, is suffering from old age and dementia and desperately needs family to come help her. But Pauline can’t recall having kin remaining. Mae searches through her desk and finds a name—Tom Curtis, who may just be the answer to their prayers.

Tom can’t remember an old aunt named Pauline, but if she thinks he’s a long-lost nephew, he very well may be. After two desperate letters from Mae, he decides to pay a visit. An engagement, a runaway train, and a town of quirky, loveable people make for more of an adventure than Tom is expecting. But it is amazing what can bloom in winter when God is in charge of things.

MY THOUGHTS-Like I said above, Lori Copeland is a well known name in Christian fiction. She did not disappoint with this book. It is somewhat humorous and yet, a lot of good lessons in here as well. Waiting on the Lord is well worth it and at times, you have to decide and take your chances.

The whole plot of the story is a young woman who takes care of an older lady, Pauline. Mae knows she is getting older and having trouble remembering things and she gets worried. When Mae goes looking for Pauline's relatives, all she can find is a piece of paper with a name and an address on it. So she writes this man, explaining everything that is going on. You also find out that Mae is almost engaged to a man in town but he will not propose to her. There is not a lot of excitement and there aren't many young single men. You get the idea:)

In the meantime, The young man she wrote, Tom, gets these letters but thinks at first they are a joke from his co-workers. When he finally decides to make a visit and see if he knows this older woman he also gets a raise in his job. So he has something to come back to. Well, as you can see, this gets pretty interesting:) I don't want to spoil it too much for those who have not read this book, but it gets pretty fun. There is a side plot too of Mae's best friend who happens to be a lady who raises pigs:D Boy does she get hysterical! One of my favorite parts is when Mae and Tom are in the general store and get playing around with the root beer. Guess who happens to walk in? You got it!

Needless to say, a fun quick read. This is a smaller book and good for the person who likes a faster read. Definitely worth the price though! Nothing questionable at all in this book! Give me more like it:) Looking forward to the next one in the series as well. Check out the book trailer below!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review purposes from Harvest House Publishing. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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