Friday, January 27, 2012

NYNY The Smarter Science of Slim By Jonathan Bailor


I know we have all seen the diet books. They are on every corner and every aisle you walk down it seems. So I am very skeptic when I get asked to review another one. I have done enough of them, believe me. But this one sounded different. The Smarter Science of Slim by Jonathan Bailor is a life changing book. And it is not a set pattern of limiting this amount of food. You can eat certain foods as much as you want. And he has a unique view on exercise too:) Check it out!

As our knowledge of the human body becomes ever more exact, scientists have made remarkable leaps forward in many fields. Yet for one question that many of us would like answered--What causes the body to burn fat?--we find all sorts of confusing claims. Since we know so much about how our body works, can't science tell us the answer?

As it turns out, science already has.

I have spent over ten years reading thousands of fat-loss studies. Not theories promoted by diet gurus. Only the proven data.

My investigation uncovered all kinds of scientific findings:
- Studies stating how certain foods cripple our ability to burn fat
- Scientists showing how to burn fat while eating more food
- Researchers revealing how to get all the benefits of traditional exercise in a tenth of the time
- Physiologists finding out how eating less sets us up to gain fat in the long run
- Doctors discussing how a few minutes of a new form of exercise immunizes us against fat gain
- Endocrinologists explaining how we fix the underlying condition causing us to gain fat

We deserve to know the proven facts about fat loss, but who has time to read tens of thousands of pages of scientific studies? The study took me more than a decade. It should not take you that long because the facts have been summarized in this book. They have also been simplified, so anyone who wants to lose weight can understand them. Make no mistake. Tons of clinical studies have shown the best way to trim off those unwanted pounds.

It is time to stop listening to marketing myths about how to lose weight. We tried it. It failed. It is time to move on to a smarter science of slim.

MY REVIEW-Like I said above, this is not your normal dieting or weight loss book. It is pretty much a way to change your life. Dr Bailor has done so much research it isn't funny. Even with what is in this book, it is amazing how much has gone into this book. And I had a hard time reading the studies that he puts in here! Imagine how much he has gone through:)

Basically the rules of this book are to eat SANE foods instead of inSANE foods. Believe me, this sounds a lot harder than it is. Jonathan gives all the information for what foods you should be eating and what you shouldn't be partaking of. One simple rule he talks about is eating foods you can pick. He doesn't tell you that you are only allowed to eat so much, no, he gives you unlimited ability to eat these foods. I was very impressed with this aspect of the book.

The other part he deals with is exercise. And boy oh boy, is he different about this! Forget about the hours in the gym or the long, tedious moments spent lifting weights. He gives a specific amount you neet to do but a lot of it is toning with a heavy weight. Now, I normally use weights with my daily exercise. Whether they are small weighted gloves or actual dumbbells, I use them every time I do my walking, etc. But he pushes for even more weight. I am not sure how far I would go with this, but I definitely give him credit for not pushing for what everyone else is.

Overall a good book. This is one that takes time to read through and digest. Don't expect to pick it up and be done within a day or two. And you are goingt o have to determine that you really want to change if you are going to do this. I enjoyed reading it and will be looking further into it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for my review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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