Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Safe Driving Tips for Winter Time

Hi everyone! Social Moms is back again!! I personally love their writing opportunities and if you aren't already a member, you should join up. Check out the link at the bottom where you can become a member. Anyways, today they have teamed up with Esurance to give driving tips and help on insurance. I remember when I first started driving and how it felt. On the interstate, back country roads, etc, nothing compared to driving in snow. Slick roads with ice on them and snow coming down do not make for the best driving results. This is one of the worst times for accidents, so pay special attention! Below I have included some tips on how to drive safely during the winter time.

1.Get Some Experience.
Okay, this sounds like a no-brainer, but I am amazed at how many people throw their children out in the snow without getting the experience of driving in the cold. When you have your first light snow, get some time out driving in it. Driving in snow is quite different and braking times are a lot slower. This is better to get used to slowly.

2.Ask Others for Advice.
If you know someone who has driven in snow a lot, ask them to drive with you to get some hints. They will know certain things you may not know without having driven in it. I learned about having to break earlier and it was something I never would have known if someone hadn't told me.

3.Slow Down in Your Speed.
They say you should slow down by 50 percent in winter conditions. I am a normally slow driver anyways but this is something I adhere to especially in snow and ice. Slower driving makes for less accidents. But at the same time, a really slow driver can be a hazard. You don't want someone coming up on you and not being able to see because of the snow. Use common sense and drive right. I am so tired of seeing drivers fly by in the snow.

4.Keep Good Control of the Vehicle.
This is something you do period, but especially true in the winter time. Vehicles skid very easily on ice and it is sooo easy to hit the brakes. Don't!! This just makes it worse and you tend to spin. Very gently follow the direction of the skid and curve into it. Keep a light touch on the wheel for the instant you do hit a patch of ice.

5. Keep the Vehicle in Good Condition.
If you live up north you know about this, but many don't know about it. Make sure your tires have a good amount of air in them and that you have a kit in the car for emergencies. Nothing worse than getting stuck on the side of the road and not having a spare or the kit to help you change the tire. Keep things in good working order and emergency kit in the vehicle.

So, these are some of the tips I have for safe winter driving. If you have any others, leave them in a comment below! And, if you have any questions about Esurance, check them out below! Like them on Facebook!

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Marvis Carswell said...

Great tips! Driving really gets difficult during the winter and new drivers may find it hard to adjust. Well, not so much anymore if ever they read something like this. Aided by expert tips, they can avoid being caught off-guard by the harsh conditions.

Luise Pagett said...

Driving in the winter, especially in the middle of heavy snowfall, is a very scary thing. It’s every driver’s nightmare. The roads are slippery, the mist blocks your view, your car will skid, and your eyes will squint. If it’s your first time driving under snowy conditions, you may want to take your time. Plan your schedule, and make sure that you have enough time to reach your destination so that you don’t end up hurrying.

Luise Pagett

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