Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Wonderful Online Planning Website!!

I have to tell you, one thing that I cannot live without in my day is organization. With a big family, and even with a small one, you just can't make it without this one thing. And I have recently run across one of the best online planning sites I have ever found!! GoalForIt is a family planning website. And am I telling you, you won't want to live a day without it:) Whether it is a chore chart, a list for a trip, daily goals, etc, they have it all!

Whether you have a large family or just need the extra rules to make sure you get things done, this site is one I will be using every week. It is all free and you can make as many lists, chore charts and plans as you need. Basically you start a profile using your email, a username and a password. You never put in a credit card or anything like that. I know how many sites tell you they are free but then to get an updated version or a special service you have to pay for it. Not with GoalForIt! This is absolutely free, all of it!

Once you make a profile you can start out right away making a list or a chore chart. You get to choose which subjects you want, such as daily chores, health, etc. I put several ones on my chore chart. This has a spot for you to give points and specify what days you would like these to be done. Now, the main reason I like this site is that you can print these off!! Once you make it, you can print it and hang it on the fridge or chore wall.

This is an excellent site with a ton of good points for families. But again, this is not just for a family. If you are single, you can use thise for simple things like what time to get up, making sure you drink enough water, read your Bible in the morning, etc. Love this site!!

I was given the opportunity to try out GoalForIt through MomSelect. I was compensated for this post but all thoughts are 100% mine.

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