Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blog Conferences and Tiny Prints!

I have to tell you, blogging is really a wonderful opportunity. I love my blog and the fun of trying new products, meeting new people, and best of all, telling all my wonderful readers about these products and fun things. One thing I have been able to do that I wasn't excited about at first but it turned out to be fun was going to a conference. This was not a special blog conference but a toy conference and I was able to get in as media and boy was it fun! I was introduced to so many neat toys coming out and got hooked up with several really good companies.

One thing I could not have done without is my business cards. There is so much advantage to carrying business cards with you. Personally for my blog I try to carry them anywhere I go. I can't tell you how many people I have run into that want to know more info about it or how they can contact me to have a review done of their new book, etc. But they especially come in handy with a conference or convention. I would have been in trouble if I hadn't taken them.

If you run a blog, you want to make sure to take a ton of business cards with you. I thought 15 or 20 cards would do it but I ran into so many people who wanted a card or who wanted to pass on my contact information to their marketing manager. I personally have my blog link/name, email, phone number and address on the cards. It helps to have a couple ways for the person to get through to you. Plus, if they have your address they know exactly who you are. Believe me, they meet hundreds of people during a conference!! Also, try to make your card stick out in some way. A funny quip or saying on it, etc. You never know when that will make them pick you for an opportunity or project!

The best place I have found for business cards is Tiny Prints. I love this company and they have excellent items! Well made and good quality. They also have an excellent array of business cards:) My favorite is the one below. This is the Boutique Sign. And boy do I love it!!

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A nice blog post. Perfect for business purposes. Thanks for sharing this!

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