Monday, February 20, 2012

Cancel The Mold Show in Your Bathroom!!

Okay, Social Moms is really picking up and I have to tell you, if you are not a member yet of this wonderful blogging program, I would suggest you sign up! They have great blogging opportunities and support like you wouldn't believe. And one of the best parts is winning points that you can then use on gift cards! Love it!! Anyways, they have teamed up with Tilex on this opp and I am really enjoying this one.

Tilex has just come out with a new lineup of products and to celebrate this they are hosting a sweepstakes where you can win some really great prizes:) And in the meantime, I am going to give some tips below on how I keep my bathroom mold free. You know how hard it is to keep mold out of a bathroom? I sure do! With little children especially it can get tough to keep your bathroom mold free. So my tips are below to help with this. But once you are done reading, make sure you head over to the Tilex Sweepstakes and get your entry in. Lots of good prizes!

1.Use Precautions.
There is nothing like stopping something before it starts. I try to wipe or scrub down the tub every week. This helps to stop the mold before it even gets a foot hold in the tub. Wipe down the shower curtain every week as well. For someone who only has a shower, scrub it down the same way. It can only help in the future.

2.Use People Friendly Cleaners and Soaps.
Always make sure that what you use if friendly to the family. I like to even use soaps and shampoo that make the cleaning easier. Use ones that are eco friendly and organic.

3.Plenty of Ventilation.
I don't have a window in our bathroom. But I like to have a small fan or a humidifier in there. It helps to keep the air moving and the air clean. Cleaner air means cleaner bathroom.

4.Keep Bathroom Clean.
Make sure you throw out empty shampoo bottles that are sitting in the tub, bars of soap that are not being used, etc. Try to keep a hanger in the tub or shower that you can hang your loofah on to dry, etc.

So, these are some of my tips on keeping the bathroom mold free. Leave a comment below if you have some tips. I love to hear from my readers! And make sure to stop over at the Tilex Sweepstakes page to enter for some awesome prizes!!

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