Monday, February 20, 2012

A Day At The Toy Show

One thing I enjoy as a blogger is going to toy shows, fairs and events like that. It is fun to see all the new products and even get to take some home with me. While I am there though I often see new ideas for marketing. Whether it is a trade show carpet or logo mats, there are plenty of new ideas.

The toy and game show is a very nice one to attend and they have plenty of big names there. You could realistically spend all day there touring the area and getting a glimpse of new games and toys. Believe me, it is plenty of fun!! And it is amazing to see some of the new items. Children can go in and play with blocks and board games or they can have some food. Some of the biggest names in toys are at this show. And they all have their logo canopy waving in the breeze:)

So if you are a blogger, make plans to attend a fair or show near you. Tons of fun and lots of good products!

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