Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Good morning all! It’s a beautiful morning here; the kind that makes you feel invigorated, and ready to go out and accomplish something. The past couple weeks we’ve been doing some spring cleaning, getting some new furniture, and making general improvements around the house.
One piece of furniture we updated is our dining room table. This is something we’ve been needing to do for a while now, and the new wood table looks wonderful!

Another room that’s getting some improvements is our kitchen. We’re planning to replace the old hutch with a smaller piece, as well as install some new cabinets. Personally, I would also like to pick up some bar stools for the bar counter in the center of the kitchen. I recently found a website that has some beautiful choices!
Bar Stools A to Z offers some lovely bar stools for a variety of decor choices. These Oak Barstools would match our kitchen colors perfectly, and give a couple people somewhere to sit while in the kitchen.

If you need some bar stools for your kitchen, check out www.BarStoolsAtoZ.com, and see what you find!

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