Tuesday, April 3, 2012

High Fashion Passion

Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

When my sister was offered an executive position at a fashion headquarters in New York, we could not have been more proud. Her entire life and college education had swirled around the latest in fashion. She had worked hard to make her career happen and was excited about filling the position at the company immediately. Once she arrived and was settled into her new apartment and her new position, she happily reported the company operated like a fine tuned machine thanks to their relationship with T1 new york. She had never worked with a company with all their ducks in a row like this one and could not believe how efficiently and seamlessly things came together. From invoices to materials, operations of the business were simplified and perfectly calculated. Her fold into the company was effortless and straight forward. Although she is beginning as an assistant, the company promises the potential for growth. She is reaping the rewards for all her hard work and dedication over the years and we could not be more proud.

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