Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shopping for Used Cars!

I recently found a really awesome website, perfect for anyone who is looking to buy a new or used car. It’s called, and it really is an end-all to your vehicle searching!

If you need financing for your new vehicle purchase, you can check out your financing options on They list dealers by distance from your location, and you’re able to fill out a form to apply for credit at the dealership of your choice.

Personally, I’m a truck girl myself. I prefer a nice pick-up truck to a sports car any day! So, of course I browsed the selection here, just for fun :) The site is IP based, so it automatically pulls up dealers near your location. For example, I found an American Fork, Utah Ford dealer. Hmm, guess I know where to shop when I’m ready to buy that Ford truck, huh?
Then again, maybe I’d go with the Urbandale, IA Dodge Ram dealer. I like the look of a Ram pick-up, so that’s probably where I’d head first.

The best part about is that you can customize your search in various ways. You can browse the full inventory, if you’re not looking for any car in particular. The prices start pretty low, and you can see the results by price, mileage, or name. If you’re in the market for a new car, I recommend you check this site out first!

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