Friday, June 29, 2012

Connect Your Home Services

As a blogger, one thing I cannot live without is my internet. This is just a service I have to have available, or my blog and business goes downhill. And believe me, I have searched far and wide to see what the best bet is on internet and phone service. Because it is much better to get this in a package deal and you pay a cheaper price as well.

One company I found is Connect Your Home. They offer internet, home phone service, etc. And their slogan is, Get a Bundle, Save a Bundle. Believe me, it doesn't compare to pay for these services separately! A bundle is the only way to go. So I was browsing their site and found several things I liked from what I saw. The biggest thing of course was the bundle aspect. You can actually go on and find the best deals in your area so you find what works for you. The other thing I liked was that the price starts at 14.99 a month for your internet service. This is for high speed internet service and you can search the area for free to find out your best deal and your best provider. Or, if you have a company you have worked with in the past, you can just go directly to that company.

They also have home phone service available. I personally use a cell phone a lot because I travel quite frequently. But I do like my home phone for those times I am stuck at the house:) Not really stuck, but you know what I mean. Again, this works in the same manner as the internet above. Whether you want your relied on and trusted company or you want to go with the best deal, you can check it all here.

I really like their bundle deals and you can actually get your internet and home phone from the same company so you pay less. This is personally the way I go. I know some people who prefer to have their internet through another company but that never made much sense to me. So, if you have just moved to your area, or you are just looking on cutting down on your bills, take a look at Connect Your Home. They have a ton of options available and several free things you can check out so you know they are the place to go with.

I have never purchased from this company. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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Hazel Yamasaki said...

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