Friday, June 1, 2012

Ever Taken A Trip in a Semi Truck?

Any time I see semi trucks for sale, I get this really wild idea into my head. I know, who would have thought, right? But I think a neat idea would be to take a vacation trip across the United States in one of these wonderful semi trucks. I told you it was crazy:) But every once in a while I get this urge. There are some real benefits to a semi truck and I will point out some of my fun ideas with this.

#1.The Room.
I have been in a truck cab before and the space is amazing. I know for someone who rides in a truck all the time it probably seems small but for a week long trip or something I think it would be fun. Think about the space you have with this! Most of them have beds in them, a fridge, etc. I just think this is a big plus.

#2.The Fun of Big.
Personally I think the size of these are neat. I love the big feel and all. A road trip can be amazing and this just makes it even better in my opinion. The feel of driving one of these big rigs at night would be great.

I have had to think of some pros and cons with this and some things that struck me are listed below. I know these can all be worked out and I ahve those ideas listed as well.

1.Showering and Toiletry.
I personally have to shower every day. I know that some people can go every other day but I am not that type of person. For my road trip though I would definitely want a campground or a hotel. But you can also go overnight and just stop at a truck stop for a shower. Just got to be careful with them:)

2.Taking the Kids Along.
This is a big one for us. With all the children it would never work to take them all on a trip in a semi truck cab. So I think the fun of this trip would be going alone or with one other person. Whether your spouse, sibling, etc. You can easily carry a tent, fridge, etc in the cab and this would not make it cramped for two people.

So there is my wild idea. I think a trip out west would be fun in this type of semi and could be done. Of course, I think at the end of my time I would really appreciate truck drivers a lot more!

This is a sponsored post for Navistar, however, all the points and views
are my own.

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Darcie said...

OMG I have to say I think about learning how to drive a truck all the time. It just draws me in all the time. How funny ! thanks for the post.

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