Friday, June 29, 2012

Favorite Vehicles and Semi Trucks

This post was written on behalf of semi trucks for sale.

Okay, most people I talk to have a favorite vehicle or type of vehicle. Not many that I know of like semi trucks as an overall favorite. But there have been some that a semi truck would be their second favorite. The vehicle of my dreams would be a pickup truck. Not a little truck but a nice one. I know most gals like a sports car but not me. I am a southern gal:)

I have recently seen a fad of travel trailers being pulled by semi truck cabs. I looked into this and have actually seen many benefits to a semi truck and I thought I would point some out below.

#1.The Space.
You can not get past the size and space you have in a semi truck. There is so much room that you could sleep in it! You could put a fridge in it, a sleeping bag, etc.

2.The Horsepower.
Semi trucks have a lot of power to them. Whether you are taking a trip, pulling a camper or trailer with it, you definitely do not have to worry about having enough power.

There are so many benefits to a semi truck but you do have some drawbacks like parking in certain areas, etc. Not anything major but you do have to take that into account. Not many people want to just drive one around as their personal vehicle.

This is a sponsored post for Navistar, however, all the points and views
are my own.

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