Monday, June 11, 2012

Rhinestone T-Shirts

I am one of those people who likes customized items. To me it makes the item personalized and more about you. So when I ran across these Custom Rhinestone T shirts, Let me tell you, I fell in love with them! Check out what I liked below:)

Custom shirts are really nice. But a rhinestone custom shirt just makes it even better. Have you ever seen a rhinestone shirt? They look soo nice! This website makes custom rhinestone shirts that are really gorgeous. Need a nice bridal gift? Check out their Bridal Custom T Shirts! These would make great gifts for any bride or for that bridal shower:D My favorite is the Bride To Be Shirt. LinkAgain, the nice thing with a custom shirt is that you can pick the color of your shirt, choose what color you want for the rhinestones, and pick your type of shirt. I personally like the full size instead of the fitted kind. Or, if you don't want a shirt, try out the tote bag!

So, whether you want one for your bride to be, or you are the Baseball Mom Rhinestone T Shirts type of gal, this is a place to check out. Their prices are reasonable and like I said, I enjoy the custom designs. You can even go in and make your own design! Or go with one of their designs. Either way, they make great gifts! Also, check out Rhinestone T Shirts on Facebook.


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