Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tips for Purchasing A New Home

This post is written on behalf of Pasadena Homes.

Wow! This last week has been extremely hot in our part of the country and our air conditioning has not been working right. Just another push for us in our search for a new house. We are not definite yet that we want to purchase another home, but we have been looking around and picking up some brochures. We are not experts by any means, but I have some tips I thought you all might find helpful the next time you are looking to purchase a new house.

1.Have Rules Set Before-Hand.
In our circumstances, and with our family size, we need a house with a lot of room. As we set out looking for a house, we made sure to write down a list of rules that we would not bend on. These were things we would not live without in a house. Things like at least 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, plenty of yard space, etc. Because we did this ahead of time, we automatically marked off anything we knew would not work or did not fit our requirements. This will stop you from looking at a house you will not fit into. I mean, if you have 4 children, you definitely will not fit into a one bedroom apartment:)

2.Be Flexible.
Now, I know you are going to think this goes against what I said above, but there are certain areas you have to be flexible. Things like the layout of a bedroom, the walk-in closet, the bar in the kitchen, etc. There are some things you may have to do without!

3.Set a Budget.
In my daily life I work this way and I saw no reason not to do this for a big purchase. Set a budget of how much you want to spend and stick by it. Sure you may want to get the house with the garage, but is the extra price worth it? Or is it better to stick with the money you have and maybe look at adding on a garage in the future? This will help you in the long run so you don't get into debt and end up hating the house you buy.

So, there are some of my tips. If you have any you would like to leave for my readers, please comment below.

This is a sponsored post for The Partners Trust, however, all the points
and views are my own.


mackenzie said...

These are great tips. My fiance and I just bought our first house in October last year. We had no rules going into the searching process. It took us forever to find the house we loved. The house didn't have a garage like we wanted and the roof leaked. We thought we could build a garage if we really needed one and my fiance does roofing in Bucks County so he could fix that with no problem. I wish I would have read these tips before we went out looking for a house, I think it would have made the process a little faster. Thanks for sharing!

Brendan said...

I agree with setting the rules beforehand. It gives you a good perspective on things. Pay for what you truly need. It would make no sense to pay for additional rooms that you won’t be able to use anyway. Also, it would be good to consider the house’s resale value, since you don’t actually know if you will move to another one in the future.

Brendan Amorose

Richelle Jelsma said...

When you’re looking for a new house, remember that you need to take in a lot of factors before making the final decision. Take Charity’s example, for instance: a huge family would mean a huge house. A huge house, therefore, would mean you will need more money to buy it. This can affect your mortgage rates in a significant matter. Knowing how your mortgage rates will look will give you a good idea on where to start hunting for a new home. Hope this tip helps!

Carmen Monrovia said...

I agree with the #2 tip. If you are flexible when looking for a house, you wouldn't have to worry about your budget and the specific size of the house. I mean, if you're flexible you wouldn't go over your budget to buy a house that you really want. You will just look for the house that will provide you comfort and shelter for the mean time, and plan out an expansion in the future when you have enough savings to do it.

Selena Manchester said...

“Set a Budget.”----This is one of the most important things you need to consider when purchasing a house. You have to make sure that, as much as possible, you are financially capable of purchasing a house. Do not buy one that you can’t afford because you’re most likely to suffer in the future if you can’t keep up with the payments. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a house that you like without having to break your budget.

Erick Bush said...

“Set a budget”: There are a lot of houses in the market, and I’m pretty sure that there’s one for you out there. You just have to be patient. Stick with your budget and protect yourself from financial liability. Go only for what you know you can afford. Purchasing a home is a good investment, so take your time and weigh out the pros and cons before making a decision.

-Erick Bush

Luis said...

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