Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jeremy McGrath's Offroad Review!

In our home we enjoy playing games. Whether they are board games, outside games or video games. So long as they are family friendly, we enjoy them! Needless to say, the kids were happy that I was able to review this new game, Jeremy McGrath's Offroad. This is available for the Playstation as well but we got it on the Xbox LiveArcade. Check out our thoughts below along with the video and pics!

I have to admit, this is the first time I have actually downloaded anything from Xbox LIVEArcade so I was somewhat confused how to work this. But I got excellent help and had it quickly downloaded. Within minutes I had two helpers who very badly wanted to try out this new truck racing game. I barely got it started before they went at it:)

The controls are very easy to figure out as they configure to pretty much every car driving game out there. We have another car racing game and the controls are all the same. My first thought with this though was how nice the graphics are. I was amazed at how detailed this game is! While driving your car, or should I say speeding around the track, there are things going on in the background! Like one time a plane is dusting a crop, in another place a helicopter flies above you several times. At other times a barrel or a stack of hay comes flying across the road. This just really adds to the game in itself and makes it more enjoyable. Not that the boys were paying attention to these things but I caught them as they were playing.

The gameplay is not overly hard and I think a young child could figure it out. The youngest age I had was a 9 year old. We had some friends over who had young boys so they all got together and had a showdown:) Including the little guys! The only thing they didn't care for was the talking from McGrath. He talks throughout the driving telling you what is coming ahead and they didn't like it. But I was able to go in and turn it down in the settings. Personally I thought it helped for what was ahead on the track but the boys wanted it off.

So, Jeremy McGrath's Offroad overall was pretty good. I was very impressed that there was no language and the music was minimal. You can play as a career or as arcade playing. Meaning you can go on and play for several rounds or just go in and play for fun. You have upgrades you can do which help your vehicle in braking, handling, top speed, etc. The colors can be changed and you can have some fun with your car. I think the boys enjoyed it and they will definitely be playing for some time. If you are looking for a clean, fun offroad game, this is one I would urge you to purchase. Loved it!!

According to FTC Regulations, I received a download of this for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.


Anonymous said...

Good review! I love this game and so do my kids. Great deal for $10

Amberzksu said...

Good review! I love this game and so do my kids. Great deal for $10

jamie braun said...

this would be a great game for my nephew! he loves anything race car related! and the off road games are so much more fun!

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