Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shopping and Coupons

Anyone who knows me will realize how much value I place on coupons. Whether it is online shopping, restaurants or local grocery shopping, I always use coupons. And one place I have found that has a lot of good coupons, is CouponShack. At this site you have your new coupons, grocery coupons and your hot deals!

It really amazes me how many people I talk to who don't use coupons at all, or they rarely ever use them. One person recently told me that it never seems like you get much off so what was the big deal in getting .35 off an item? Well, with that type of attitude, not that much I guess:) In all seriousness though, you can get a lot of money off your grocery bill. I have gone into my local grocery store and knocked $10 off my bill. And I am not the type of person who gets a lot of snack foods, etc. This is good food I am talking about here that I am getting very cheap!

Restaurants are not big places to find coupons but they are out there. Some of my best coupons are ones I get for restaurants. Free food even! Most dining places also have buy one get one coupons that you can find locally. You just have to know the places to go and where to find them. They are occasionally online so you never knwo what you will find.

The other place I normally use coupons is online. I shop quite frequently over the internet so I always look for coupon codes to use. They are a big help and can take off quite a chunk. Whether you are looking for electronic coupons, books, etc. they are out there. So, check it out if you are going shopping. Coupons are an excellent way to save money!

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