Wednesday, August 15, 2012

25 Hill Review And Interview!

Today I also have a review for a new DVD that I recently viewed. 25 Hill actually came out last month but there was a slight delay in posting. This is such a good movie though I think you will do well to pick up a copy today. I have included my review and also some questions I was able to ask about Corbin Bernsen, the writer, producer and also actor in this film:) Check it out!
25 Hill is the story of a young boy who receives a soap box car kit to put together with his father. Well, not long after the father is called to duty and never returns. The mother and son are both understandably devastated. You learn to like the father even in the little time you meet him. Trey is a likeable character and he is having trouble in school. Then comes the meeting between Trey and Roy Gibbs. This is a really funny meeting and I felt like Trey was almost like a little man. His mannerisms and the way he talks about things brings a lot into the film. And of course, Roy Gibbs is quite a good actor. He plays his part well and I really enjoyed seeing him in this role.

The whole plot of 25 Hill is about keeping alive traditions. One thing I got out of it is being there for other people. Trey has an interesting way of putting it but in reality it is soo true. Sure everything doesn't always turn out right, but we should be there for others just in case they need us. The tradition of soap box car derbies is something I had never really heard of before but it is brought to full front in this film. Sure I knew they were done in the past but this brings it to our attention like never before.

There are a couple parts where Roy is drinking but it was done in a good manner. Trey is seen as depressed that his friend drinks and I think it shows a good picture overall. There is also one time where Trey gets really mad at how things are turning out and stands in the middle of the street to yell at God. Some people may get upset at this but I thought it showed realism. I know in my life there are times I wonder if God is really in control of things so a 12 year old is going to have the same feelings. You know in the back of your mind that He is but your human nature is to wonder why.

So, overall a pretty good film. I was amazed at the ending but I don't want to give any spoilers:) You will have to watch it to find out what happens. Definitely worth the money and a good film for the whole family to see. Can't wait to see what Corbin Bernsen has for his viewers next! You can find 25 Hill on Twitter as well as on Facebook. Watch these channels for other reviews and interesting tidbits.

25 Hill Trailer


Could you give us a little bit of information about your new film, 25 Hill?

It was inspired by an news article that I read about the All American Soap Box Derby, this great American tradition, potentially ending after a 72 year run. Struck by the tragedy of that potential, I worked wit the Derby to fashion a film that would bring a renewed attention to the Derby AND create a short-term cash flow that would get it back on track – no pun intended. The story follows a young boy named Trey Caldwell whose father, an Army reservist, is in the middle of building a derby car when his dad gets called to action in Afghanistan and is killed almost immediately. As he grieves he’s introduced to my character Roy Gibbs by his school principal and friend from Church. Trey finds out quickly that Roy, a local fire fighter lost his son, also a firefighter, on 9/11. He, like Trey is grieving the loss, and in fact it’s pretty much destroyed his life. The secret behind all this however, beyond Trey being a surrogate son to Roy and Roy being a surrogate Father to Trey, is that Roy also was a LOCAL CHAMP of the Soap Box Derby 40 years ago – the REAL REASON they were introduced. So together the begin each of their healing processes through building Trey’s car, and with a few good story bumps along the way, finally make it to Akron Ohio for the big Derby Race.

This movie seems to center a lot on family. Could you tell us how you came up with the idea for it?

Once again the idea came from a news article I wrote, and while at first I thought I was making a film to just help the Derby, at it’s core I know I was driven to it for a greater purpose. I found that the Derby was, at its heart, about Family and Community; family and community coming together to help these kids build their Derby racers. Yes, there’s a race but in the end, its all about people working together for a common cause. That is what is at the center of all of my films; the power and need of family and community as the building blocks upon which any strong society is built.

If there is one main theme you want viewers to take away, what would that be?

I have several things I want audiences to take away but mostly it is that power of family and community working together for a common purpose and what can be achieved with that. Also I want people to obviously learn more about the Derby and get more kids involved in Derby racing, which goes to the second larger theme; the value of tradition and building whatever is new upon the backbone of tradition. We are an incredible country with a rich, albeit short history with few traditions, but they are mighty traditions built by brave and fearless people who gave birth to this great dream that is America.

I have mainly seen films with your role as the actor. How difficult was it to step up as director, producer and actor as well?

You left of the most important piece, I also “write” these films. And the simple answer to your question is “not very difficult at all.” Granted, it’s not an easy job, but one that I love more than you can know. Think of it like this, I don’t just make the vegetables on the plate, or cook the meet, or bake the potatoes, I GET TO MAKE THE MEAL. A good meal as you probably know is when all the parts work together. So I like to think of what I do as a “movie chef,” serving up full meals of inspiration. I love creating the full plate.

And one last fun question my readers love hearing the answer to. Is there something about you most people wouldn't know? I am sure you get this a lot, but we like to know more about our favorite people:)

I do get this question quite a bit and by now many know that I have one of the largest snowglobe collections in the world, over 8,000! Yes, a weird eccentric obsession by a man too old to be collecting little worlds trapped in a bubble of water and snow, but there it is. What is more important however, and something most people don’t know, is that I’m just like you. I have the same problems, fears, anxieties, concerns and worries like anyone. People often think that fame and sometimes fortune will erase those human concerns, they don’t! So no matter how of that nonsense comes my way, it doesn’t erase my humanity, or sameness as everyone else.

Thanks again for the privilege of interviewing you!

I received a complimentary product for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.


Cindy said...

Great interview Charity. Film sound really good also. Will have to check it out. :)

I have nominated your for a Sunshine Blogger Award.

You do a great job!
Cindy (Cynthia PBS)
from Cindy's Books and Bits

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