Monday, November 5, 2012

Bluebird of Brockport by Donna Winters!

I read a lot of different books. And many of them tend to be suspense, mystery, or adventure type books. So every once in a while it is nice to stumble upon a sweet romance that brings you back to the old fashioned days. And that is exactly what happened when I started this new book, Bluebird of Brockport by Donna Winters.

Dreams of floating on the Erie Canal have flowed through Lucina Willcox's mind since childhood. Yet once her family has purchased their boat and begins their journey, they meet with one challenge after another. An encounter with a towpath rattlesnake threatens her brother's life. A thief attempts to break in and steal precious cargo. Heavy rain causes a breach and drains the canal of water. Lucina comforts herself with thoughts of Ezra Lockwood, her handsome childhood friend, and discovers a longing to be with him that she just can't ignore. Can she have a future with Ezra and still hold onto her canalling dream? Ezra Lockwood's one goal in life is to build and captain his own canal boat, but two years into the construction of his freight hauler, funds run short. With his goal temporarily stalled, and Lucina Willcox back in his life, his priorities begin to change. Can he have both his dreams? His own boat, and Lucina as his bride?

I have read several of Donna's previous books and enjoyed the work she puts into them. They are a refreshing story and quite different from most of the genres I pick up. This one was no different. The detail to scenery, history and the characters makes for a good book.

One thing I find interesting with these is the area. I have been to many of the places described in these books and it is neat to read about them. Brockport and the canals are all places I have been. The characters make for a good story and I liked Lucina quite a bit. Of course, her favorite color is blue, but not just any blue, bluebird-tweetin-blue it has to be:) And Ezra makes quite a hero.

These are books I would feel comfortable allowing a teenager to read. They are innocent, sweet and a good read overall. Make sure you read one of Donna's books and pick up this latest one!

I received a copy of this book for my review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine. 

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Great Lakes Romances said...

Thanks, Charity, for letting readers know about Bluebird of Brockport! I appreciate your evaluation of the story!
Donna Winters

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