Saturday, November 10, 2012

Hotel Supplies

Okay, you all know I do not own a hotel, but I think a hotel or boarding house would be kind of fun to own. I love being a hostess and this would be a way to do it. And to own a hotel, you would definitely need hotel supplies. I found a website with some good supplies that I thought might be a help to someone.

PeachSuite Hotel Supply is a company that offers lots of different supplies to cater to the hotel owner. Whether you are looking at catering, sheets, towels, bedding, etc. they have it all. Check out the Hotel Catering Supplies! They have everything you can imagine that you would need to outfit a hotel. Dining room supplies, equipment, furniture, etc. can all be found here. And they have an offer right now for free shipping on orders that qualify over $500. Check it out!

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Layla Thomas said...

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Hotel Supplies Melbourne

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