Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Keeping Your Plumbing Going.

Okay, an odd title I know. But with the winter season starting, keeping your plumbing going is a hard thing to do. And something you have to be very careful about. We are right in the path of this Winter Storm Draco and one thing we have to worry about is not allowing the pipes to freeze. We deal with this every year as I am sure many of my blog readers do. I do have to say, we have it better than those living in a travel trailer:) I am going to give some tips on how we keep our pipes good and warm. But, for those of you who do get frozen pipes, Roto-Rooter Plumbing is a great place to call if you get in trouble with your plumbing.

1.Keep the House Warm.
It may seem silly, but if you keep the house warm, this will help warm up your pipes. It doesn't work with all of them, believe me, our basement is always colder than the rest of the house, but it will help more than you realize. So instead of keeping it a little bit cooler, hit the heat on just a bit. Especially if you are going away for the weekend.

2.Use Insulation.
This is a must!! For those who get a good snow, or below zero weather, using insulation around the pipes is a way to make sure your pipes don't freeze. We do this with some of our pipes, especially if we know a bad storm is coming. I know it means crawling under the house or into the basement but it is better in the long run. Preventing frozen pipes is much better than having to deal with burst pipes or no water.

3.Leave Water Running.
This is something we do when the weather gets really bad. Overnight we will leave the water just trickling in the bathroom sinks and the kitchen sink. You have to make sure it is enough that it still won't freeze while going through the pipes, but not enough that your bill sky rockets because of the amount of water you were running. This is a last resort we use only when it is really cold.

Those of you who live in Canada or the really frozen areas might have some tips for us, so please leave them in a comment. I know it was a big change for us when we moved north after having lived down south for so long. We can all use the help:)

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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