Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year's!!!

Hello my faithful blog readers! It is officially after midnight here and the new year has been rung in. I am sure many of you will not be reading this until morning but still, Happy New Year! I pray this is a blessed one for you and your family as you strive to carry out your resolutions and oneword for the upcoming year. For myself I have some goals and rules I will be carrying, or should I say trying, to carry out. My blog will be updated soon as a friend has offered to change up my background and help me with this stuff. Believe me, I am no tech geek but she has kindly offered to assist me. One thing that won't be changing is the type of family friendly products you see every week on my blog. Maybe more, maybe less as I settle some other things, but they will be here every week nonetheless. So, tell me in a comment, what is something you have resolved to do this new year? Anything you would like to see on my blog different? Or maybe just a comment saying hi:)

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Christie Cottage said...

Happy New Year!


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