Monday, January 14, 2013

Language Stars Makes Learning Fun! + iPad Mini Giveaway!

How many of you know a foreign language? I for one know a little bit of Spanish and some sign language. Not your typical foreign language:) But it has definitely helped at times. I will tell a little bit more about that later. But I recently learned about a program called Language Stars. This is a great program from what I have seen and for those of you with younger children, it is something I would urge you to check out. They are also having a nifty sweepstakes for an iPad mini.

Language Stars has actual centers where your child can go and learn a different language in a fun manner and in a safe setting. Through this program your little one, they take ages 1-10, can learn Spanish, Mandarin(M. would love this one!), French, German or Italian. We are talking most of the major languages someone would need. They have several centers in the Chicago area, check out their Chicago Facebook Page for info, and I am hoping to get to drop by one while they are having their open house this week. Believe me, if you are in the area near one, drop in and get a feel for what they are about, how they work and maybe even enroll!!

Imagine your child being able to converse with someone in Mandarin at the age of five? Or maybe you go on a missions trip and your 7 year old daughter is able to carry a conversation with a local? The possibilities are endless with this type of program and I fully appreciate what they are doing. I will never forget being able to help a deaf woman order at a local restaurant when she couldn't get through to the employee. There is such a feel of accomplishment and a great sense of worth. Imagine being able to give this to your son or daughter through Language Stars.

So, if this is something you are interested in, please check out the website. They have centers in the Chicago and Washington DC area so please visit them during their Open House this week. Also, if you aren't sure this is the right thing for your child, they have a free trial that will help you decide if this is what your young one needs. And don't forget to enter for the iPad Mini sweepstakes!

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