Friday, January 4, 2013

Lights Go Out? Go Solar Power!!

Any of you had any trouble with your power going out in this weather? I have personally not had any trouble this winter as far as the electric going out. But I know many friends who have lost their power and had to go to a generator. Kind of the Goal Zero Solar Power thing. And believe me, there are some things you can go without, but there are some things you just absolutely cannot live without! But you have no need to fear if you have a portable generator or portable power supply.

The weather is the main reason I would have a portable power supply. One friend had to go a couple days without power and she had so many problems. The main one being no heat, but that was just one thing. She had to deal with food going bad, no toilets flushing, cooking was very minimal and no lights. Like I said above, there are some things you can handle but others are just too much to live without. But once they got the generator up and working, boy what a difference it made! She was jumping up and down for joy and I believe I heard the whooping for joy from here:)

Another thing that makes portable power a must have is if you do any type of traveling. We drive a lot and I like to have my laptop, or tablet, and my phone on me. Well, as you can guess, they die pretty fast on a trip. Whether calling home for something, finding out when a restaurant opens, what time we can check in, etc, the power goes quickly! Which is no problem when I have my trusty portable power supply with me. I have this nifty contraption that you charge at home on the laptop or computer and then you can take it with you and just plug in whatever you need charged. No plugging into the cigarette lighter, no big box to plug in and then plug in your product. I can charge it all through this one little piece. I love it!!

So, portable solar power is definitely something to have. During winter time you never know when you will lose electric and even during the summer time it is a good thing.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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