Thursday, January 3, 2013

Real Estate Signs and Humor!

How many of you read billboard signs, signs along the highway, or real estate signs as you are driving or cruising the neighborhood? I have a lot of fun reading signs and seeing the work that is put into them. There are some that make you sit up and notice and then there are others that you just bypass and don't really care what they say. Of course there are also the ones that you laugh at so hard you can't forget it! I have a couple signs I will tell you about that I have seen traveling and then you have to tell me about any you have seen.

Some signs will make you laugh. They are built around humor and making you remember the company by their sarcasm. One such sign for a popular chicken company. They are funny, they stand out and make you remember their restaurant. I mean come on, who is going to forget seeing cows standing on a sign trying to paint a saying? But, now other restaurants have started posting things countering the cows.

Signs that have good slogans on them are excellent as well. Kind of like the air conditioner company that had a sign about your wife being hot? Think outside the bun is another of them. It is slogans and saying that will make you think of a restaurant or a company at the time you are looking for one. How many times have you had a plumbing repair to be fixed and you call the company that you see the signs and vans for? I know I sure do! We had to have a tree taken down in our backyard and guess who was the first person we called? You guessed it! The one who had the sign up as we drive by every day. The one with the cute saying about cutting the tree, the whole tree and leaving nothing behind:)

Real estate signs are not something that most agencies play around with. They are kind of strict but I have still seen some humor in those. Play on words with the names of the realtors, cute slogans, etc. What about you? Have you seen a funny sign? Tell me about it below. I love a good laugh!!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

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