Friday, January 4, 2013

Shaving Tips from a Guy!

Good morning everyone! It is a bright and sunny morning here and the snow is slowly melting away. Hard to believe a couple days ago it was snowing hard. But it is still a bit chilly here. Today I have a post for you written in part by my younger brother. He is giving some shaving tips for the guys. Whether it is straight razor shaving, or you use a regular razor, these are just some things he has found that work good for him. Just remember, these are from a teenage boy:) He gave the tips and I expounded on them a bit as getting a lot from him is like pulling teeth.

1.Wash Your Face With Warm Water. 
Before starting to shave, rinse your face off with warm water. This helps to get your face warm and ready to shave. It also makes the hair on your face flexible.

2.Use Shaving Cream.
This may sounds stupid but I do know guys who shave without using shaving cream. It doesn't work!! Believe me, I have seen their face after they shave and it looks like they have scruff still. It also causes more bleeding as you are not using something to help the razor.

3.Dip Your Razor Every Stroke. 
Kind of funny tip here but always dip your razor in warm water after every stroke. This washes off the hair you have just shaved, but it also keeps it smooth for the razor.

4.Rinse Your Face At the End.
Once you are all done shaving, rinse your face off with lukewarm water. Helps to make sure you have all the hair off and gives that last rinse off to make sure you are done.

5.Use Aftershave or Lotion.
I have to tell you, my brother is an aftershave fanatic. He has a ton of them in his cabinet and he is always smelling like his newest aftershave. Using an aftershave really helps to moisturize your face. It kind of tingles and gives you that nice just shaved feel:)

So, as you can tell, he is kind of bare bones on this:) Now he says I have to pay him since he helped. But I think it helps to get it from a guys perspective. Of course now I can make sure he follows his own rules when he shaves. If you have any tips you think he missed or you might want to tell him, leave a comment below.

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.


Cozy in Texas said...

I can't imagine having to do this every day!

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