Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Smaller Sized Furniture –The Latest Fad of 2013

Lack of space tends to put a dampener on our thoughts, dreams and visions of a beautiful home, especially if grand ideas are involved. Usually it is natural that when the space is less, your furniture needs to be carefully selected. It used to be that you could only utilize furniture that’s used more for practicality rather than for artistic expression. However, things have changed and this is not the case anymore!
Now it is possible to have it all in your home and it is also affordable too. The new concept is very simple and involves the fusion of designs with the simple requirement of having home owners who earnestly want to enhance the appearance of their homes. This concept has gained a lot of popularity among families with multiple kids because most children desire their own space. The coming together of a family’s needs and ideas also ensures that a room has all its facilities and features, yet does not look too crowded.
One of the best examples of this concept are sofa beds, which can be folded to become a sofa during the day time and unfolded to become a full length bed at night. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, this sofa bed is a must have for mommies who want to give their kids a separate space to sleep in as they grow up. With numerous designs available online, it’s easy to just visit the site and select from relevant trend setting furniture. Plus, the furniture comes from a variety of designers and concepts that are all showcased online.
So far the trends for 2013 seem to encourage designers to come up with designs for furniture which are small in size but are still functional and plenty big when placed in an interior. This trend has been proving that moving into a smaller home can be an enriching experience and that 2013 is going to continue to set standards for small scale furniture. This will ensure that you now have everything at your fingertips, thereby saving time and energy. This will also make families very happy since most mothers have to run around picking up after their kids throughout the day.
The colors on trendy furniture currently are both bright and beautiful. During 2013 you will continue to see people throw caution to the wind as they do away with neutral shades and instead embrace vibrant colors, which reflect their love for life. The fusion of colors will not only make the room look dramatic, but it will also make it come to life as well.
Yet the one aspect that will always bring enjoyment to your latest decorating projects is the fun factor. Whatever new designs are available, having fun with the latest decorating trends will lead to feelings of happiness. This in turn makes for a happy and healthy family which always triumphs over any challenges that life throws your way.
This is a guest post written by Sierra. 

**DISCLOSURE: This is a guest post written by Sierra. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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Cozy in Texas said...

That sounds like a lot of work having to open up your bed every night, but I know that's something that people in Sweden and Denmark have been doing for years. They have very simplistic designs.

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