Friday, March 22, 2013

Gift Baskets & Appreciation

I have a question for you all. When you are giving gifts, how many of you give a gift basket? Whether it is a small one that you make up personal or a basket that you purchased or had sent to somebody. Personally I love gift baskets. I have given them for birthdays, special occasion, a little token of appreciation, along with sending one just to say I am thinking of you. It is amazing how many different types of baskets are out there. From Illinois Gift Baskets to beauty products, baby items, food, or even a favorite team. The options are endless!! My favorite one though is one that you have made up yourself for someone. I know a lot of times you don't have that choice as the person is long distance or you don't have the time, but when I can, I like to make it up by myself. But believe me, there are plenty of places out there where you can go online, browse through baskets and purchase them to be delivered. And a lot of these places will customize the basket for you. But if you have the time and enjoy being creative, check out some of my ideas below!

My favorite one is for the book lover. I myself enjoy reading, as you can tell from my blog, so I guess this one is dear to my heart. Take a basket and fill it with things that would be handy for a book lover. Here are things I have used in the past. A reading light (they have some really neat ones out there that attach to the book or to the bed frame), a bookmark(again, we are not talking just your plain ole paper bookmark. They have ones with lights, clips so you can use it for a couple pages, etc), if they like to drink coffee or tea you can also include a mug and some tea leaves or their favorite coffee brand. At times I have also included a gift card to their favorite book seller and you can't forget the most important part of this basket, a book!!

Another one I enjoy doing is a birthday basket. One I did in the past actually was in a popcorn bowl but you can be creative and fashion it for the person you are giving it to. For this one we included candy, a gift card to their favorite restaurant, homemade coupons for different things including their favorite game and such, new pens(someone who is always losing their pens), calendar, etc. This one turned out really good and we loved their face as they opened up a bunch of little things, that turned out to be a big gift. In the same way, you can personalize a basket and make it something they will enjoy. You can put almost anything into it and get creative. You will enjoy making it as much as they enjoy opening it!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own

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This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own


Kristie said...

I love to give gift baskets. But actually I weave the baskets myself out of reeds. I get immense satisfaction from making them myself. That is the only crafty thing I do well. Last year I won first and second place for my baskets at the county fair. Yay! Book baskets are the best - says the librarian. The good thing about baskets is that there is lots of flexibility with price. This is nice if you are on a budget. And who isn't these days? Ha ha! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

Rose-Marie said...

I like giving gift baskets. I try to start planning way ahead. They are typically theme oriented for the person and occasion, and can include handmade items, food items, candles, toys, bible, etc. Wrapping it is the most challenging, as I still want it to be somewhat of a surprise, so it typically is a strange shape wrapped!

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