Friday, March 29, 2013

Shaving Tips From a Guy!

Along with the other things I have for you today is an article about shaving. I know I have talked about this in the past but today I want to hit it from a male perspective. No, I am not doing most of the writing:) I have actually commissioned my younger brother to talk about his shaving ritual and just give some tips on what he uses, how he does things and his favorite items that appear in his shaving kit. You know, shaving oil, cologne, aftershave, razor, etc. I will take up a little bit after he is done but most of this is all from J.

"Hi everyone! I am J and am 19 years old. Here is my shaving routine, along with some tips on things I use and products I like.
I use hot water(as hot as the face can take it) to get my face damp, then I use a pre-shave balm. (I use this to help the razor glide over my face easily.)
I wash off my razor every couple swipes. (I use an electric razor by Gillette.)  Generally I wash it once in hot water, dry it off, and then get it wet again before starting to shave.
I then start to shave but after every one or two swipes I wash the blade off again to get all the hair off. This helps for a smoother and cleaner shave.
I wash my razor off when I am finished. And use an after-shave. My favorite is one of the Stetson brands. Either Stetson Black or Stetson Original.  Not only do I like the smell, but they also seem to work better than some others that I have tried."

So, there you have it. This is the ultimate shaving routine from a guy's perspective. Actually, I am sure everyone shaves differently, just as most women have a little secret or quirk they have developed through the years. But I thought you all might enjoy getting something different than my routine. Personally I would hate to have to shave my face so I was glad to get some help from him. Thanks J for the tips!!

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.

**DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own.Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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Jerri Davis said...

This is a Tip that lots of men need now days. Thank you. Jerri Davis

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