Monday, April 8, 2013

House Insulation

Today has been a great spring day out and we have had a lot of fun being able to go outside. One of the girls went out on the back deck and played with two of the dogs for a while. They are so excited to get out and even enjoy the sun. How many of you need some House Insulation? Well, we haven't really had a big need for insulation, other than during the season we just left:) You know the winter time when you have to protect the pipes? I just recently heard about this website and it looks like they are a pretty good company. If you ever have the need to put in insulation, please check them out. Insulation protects your pipes and even more than that, it works well for keeping rooms the temperatures they should be. We redid a back walk-in room and turned it into reading room and insulation was definitely on the list. Check them out!

I have not used this site. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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1 comment:

jamie braun said...

my dad is re-doing his basement and I know insulation is on his list! i'll send him over to the site! thanks

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