Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Old West Must-See Attractions in Yuma, Arizona

While you might not rate going to prison on your top five lists of best vacations, the small town of YumaArizona might just prove you wrong. With a quirky and eclectic set of attractions, Yuma will let you step back in time to re-experience the history of the West. This is a perfect vacation for a family. Your children will love exploring the ghost towns where ghosts lurk in prisons and later exploring amazing wildlife refuges where they will learn all about the animals and the history behind it. Your family is in for a historical treat!
Yuma Territorial Prison
Yuma Territorial Prison State Historic Park
 features the ruins of this historic prison, which was built in 1876. We’ve all heard stories of Western vigilantes -- here’s a chance to experience first-hand the development and taming of the Wild, Wild West. You can even view photographs of prisoners during its 33 years of operations. 

Castle Dome
Ghost towns aren’t just found in the movies.  Castle Dome is a real live ghost town, come back to life through mine tours and its museum. You’ll have to drive eight miles on a dirt road, which only adds to the remote experience. The kids will love exploring this place. Be sure to bring your camera to capture their enthusiasm and the memory. Though candy and snacks are available in the ghost town (paid for on the honor system), you’ll want to bring your own water and food and make a day trip of it. You’re in the desert, so don’t forget sun visors and sun block, and dress appropriately for the weather. Most people who have visited say that they didn’t allot enough time to actually explore this fascinating place, so consider taking a day trip.

Cibola National Wildlife Refuge
The development of our modern states has greatly impeded the natural habitats of valued wildlife. Visit the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge to see the fauna that wandered freely when the West was first inhabited. The Visitors’ Center offers fantastic exhibits. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and be sure to bring your binoculars!

Overall a trip out west is something the whole family will enjoy.  Stories about the Old West still continue to amaze us, and experiencing the area first hand will be a fun trip you and your loved ones will cherish for a long time.

Sage enjoyed her stay at the Quality Inn Hotel in Yuma Arizona while researching life in the Old West. 

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jamie braun said...

a friend of mine lives in Arizona and he just raves about Castle Dome! they go there every year! if i ever get a chance to visit, we're going there for sure!

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