Monday, April 15, 2013

What is a Man Cave? And How To Get One:)

I gotta tell you, the term man cave, brings to mind the times when man lived in caves. I mean really, that is what the term is about, right? Well, I had to re-examine some of what I had in my mind and figure out what the term really meant and boy do I have some fun stuff for you ladies:) Because I am going to tell you how to get your man his own cave through Doesn't it sound like fun!!

Basically the whole idea behind a man cave is a place for the male to have his fun, get together with the other guys and play games and goof off. I think the ladies need such a place, you know what I mean? The guys in our house like to play darts and I found some really swell looking sets as well as a good place to Buy cornhole boards and football toss, etc. The kids love playing these type of games and I am sure the guys would too, if they had their own place to use it and a set that the children didn't touch. Now who knows, your man may be more the hunting type so his cave could be all designed around hunting. Or maybe your husband is the geeky guy who wants his computer and sounds system setup. Whatever you are looking to design, believe me, your man will love his cave!

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jamie braun said...

My hubby's Man Cave is our basement! got to admit, i hide down there sometimes too! Thanks for sharing the site! there's a lot of cool stuff on there I could get him!

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