Tuesday, August 13, 2013

$200 for Redecorating? 31 Days of Fun Sweepstakes Day 13!!

I have been a little busy and forgot to post about this yesterday. But I will be keeping better track from now on. Today in the 31 Days of Fun sweepstakes, you could be the winner of $200 for the purpose of redecorating! This could get you some snazzy new pieces of furniture, rugs, pictures, paint, etc. We are talking a lot of options here! Personally I would be picking out some new lamps and maybe a bookcase or two. You know how I love my books:)

Remember, if you leave a comment here, you get 5 extra entries in my Amazon gift card giveaway! So just leave a nice comment, then head over to my amazon giveaway and mark that on the rafflecopter form.

**DISCLOSURE: I was entered into a giveaway for writing this post. No other compensation was given. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

1 comment:

ape2016 said...

Thanks for the reminder. I have been trying to do this everyday.

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