Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to Do Shore Fishing in Hawaii

If you ever have the fortune of visiting the Hawaiian Isles, don’t make the mistake of leaving without fishing. There is an endless assortment of beautiful tropical fish that grace the waters of Hawaiian beaches. You never know what you may get from a catch! You can fish through companies such as or on your own. Many people recommend fishing along the shoreline because you are allowed to fish anywhere here as long as you’re not doing so on private property or wildlife reserves. Also, you don’t need a permit if you don’t intend to sell the fish you catch. For the best ways to do shoreline fishing, follow these tips.


There are a variety of ways to catch a fish. The most traditional way is to use a tackle and bait. You may catch many small fish, but for the bigger ones, make sure you have strong equipment. Purchase a rod 12 feet in length as well as a high-capacity reel. A fishing line should be able to carry 12–20 pounds, depending on which fish you capture. Fishing weights are necessary so your bait can descend to the fishes at the bottom and to avoid your line blowing away in the wind. If you’re wondering what sort of bait you should use, go for squid, octopus, shrimp, eel, sand turtles, sand crabs, or small fish. Live bait is usually the most effective. If you prefer a method that requires less effort, try dunking. Simply place your rod upright in the sand after you’ve cast your line far out and return to the rod when the line tugs.


There are many places to capture fish when you’re on the shoreline. You can do this along the beach, in a kayak or canoe, on a dock, or along a low cliff. You’ll typically find more fish when you cast your line into reefy areas. A few examples of these fish include the parrot fish, unicorn tang, goatfish, and the gray snapper. You don’t have to go by the reef to get lucky, though. Sandy beaches offer a zoo of fish. Bonefish, spiny lobsters, octopuses, Kona crabs, moi, and stonefish are yours for the taking. For more ideas on fishing in Hawaii, visit

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