Thursday, August 29, 2013

Kids Dressing Up: How to Make It Possible

Kids dressing up is a time-honored tradition that has been going on for forever because kids like to pretend they are grownups and do what grownups do. Every child should have access to a dress-up box, chest, bin, or bag. Dressing up is what imaginations are for. Dress-up clothes can come from grandma and grandpa’s old clothes, thrift stores, yard sales, mommy and daddy’s closet and drawers, and from costumes that are only worn on Halloween. Over time, a dress-up chest may end up having too many pieces in it and a bigger chest will have to be acquired or another chest or box.

One Dress-Up Box

In that chest or box, there could be your grandmother’s old-fashioned shoes, her hat with a feather, someone’s old gun holster that fits on a belt, a cowboy hat, and some cowboy boots. There might be a few dresses  for princesses so that a little girl can look like Cinderella in a blue dress; Snow White in a yellow, red, and blue dress; or another princess in a green velvet dress. There are feathered  boas, tiaras, a wedding veil, high-heeled shoes in a couple of colors, long white dress gloves for ladies, a blond wig, and a gnarly mustache.

Another Dress-Up Box

Someone else’s dress-up box might have an old mink coat and hat with some of the mink missing, a beret, a stove pipe hat, and a cane. A pop gun with a coonskin cap and leather coat would make any little boy feel like Daniel Boone. Somehow, a graduation gown and cap made its way into the box. There should be some knees-highs in there too, because they end up covering their whole leg just like their mommy’s panty hose. All you have to do is make the dress-up box accessible by putting it in a play room, kid’s room, or basement. Make sure you have your video camera charged so that when the you see your kids dressing up, you will be able to catch on camera their adorable faces and their attempts at mimicking the adults in their life along with all of the folk heroes and movie characters that they love.

This is a guest post written for the enjoyment of Giveaway Lady readers.

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Cozy in Texas said...

My grandkids have a big plastic bucket with all their dress up clothes, they come up with some fun combinations.

Kristie said...

I never had a dress up box as a kid but I'll ask my sister to make one for my niece and nephew. Sounds like fun! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

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