Thursday, October 3, 2013

Choose To Be Nice T-Shirt #Review!

For many of us, we go around every day and wear shirts advertising a company, a slogan or maybe even a cause we stand for or appreciate. Well, today I want to tell you about a movement called, Choose To Be Nice. I received a shirt from this company with the saying in bright bold letters on the front, along with a little smiley face. I love the shirt itself and it is very noticeable in a crowd or even walking through the mall. But more than telling you about the product and how nice it is, I want to tell you about the experiences I had while wearing this shirt. First, let me show you some about the company.

Choose To Be Nice is a movement dedicated to inspiring and encouraging kindness. When we slow down and recognize what is nice in ourselves we influence others to do the same. Our goal is to build a community of nice people who will share what they do on a daily basis to be nice. To kick start the movement, Choose To Be Nice has created t-shirts with the Choose To Be Nice logo. T-shirts are high quality and extra soft; made by American Apparel. Ten percent of all sales will go to non-profit organizations whose values align with Choose To Be Nice.  

It's important to note that we are not just another t-shirt company.  The t-shirt is the vehicle through which we'll deliver the Choose To Be Nice message.  Eventually we'll have other vehicles including hats, totes, bumper magnets, pajamas, etc.  

When I wear my Choose to Be Nice t-shirt it is amazing how differently I feel and how my interactions with and among others are much nicer and more meaningful.  I think people feel compelled as do I to act in a nicer way.

Now, as you can see, this is something I think we should all be standing behind. We have our days dedicated to random acts of kindness, and even our spurts of being nice to others, but with a shirt like this, anytime you wear it I think it makes a statement. And not only does it work for those around you, but for yourself as well. I have worn this shirt many, many times and still wear it, and the things that have happened around me while wearing it made me smile, cry, and even laugh a little.

One of the times I wore this shirt out was just here around town. We live in a small town where everyone knows everyone but it has a lot of visitors through it. And I had made a quick run to the local gas station to pick up a drink. It was a green tea for those of you wondering:) I walked in, grabbed my drink and took my place in line behind an older gentleman who seemed agitated. When his turn to pay came up, he told the clerk that he wanted to speak to a manager and file a complaint about getting bad gas from their station. He wasn't to the point of being rude, but just about. The clerk had already seen my shirt when I came in and she had smiled over it. And at this point of a man being upset over the gas, she took the route of choosing to be nice, and handled things very well. After he left she turned to me and asked how my day was going and thanks for wearing the shirt. I just smiled as I knew she had taken the extra step to be nice, when she had the chance of being rude.

Now I have worn this shirt over and over. I many times get lots of smiles from those around me, a simple "how are you doing today" in the store, and just an all around happy atmosphere when I am flaunting my nice attitude. I have yet to have someone get upset around me and I have seen people choose to be nice when they had the opportunity to be upset instead. It really does make a difference in a very noticeable way. And I have to say, it makes a difference in my attitude as well. I am more prone to give a smile or a kind word when I am wearing my shirt.

I would urge everyone to visit the Choose To Be Nice website, along with their Twitter and Facebook pages. Also, if you have a couple minutes, check out the Make the Promise page on their site. Here you have the opportunity to promise to spread kindness and be nice to those around you in every way you can. See your name on the sidebar and take a stand!

**DISCLOSURE: I was given a free product in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was given, and all thoughts are 100% mine. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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