Saturday, October 26, 2013

Christian Home Exchange?

Hi readers!! Today is a beautiful Saturday with the sun shining and a bit of a breeze. I love our little part of the world:) But have you ever wanted to travel somewhere else and visit for a while? There are definitely certain times where I wish we could take a trip to another part of the state or even the country. But have you seen many of these hotels and places to stay? You never know if it will be up to par or if you will have to move, etc. And that is where Christian Home Exchange comes in. I had personally never heard that title used for it, but I know people who do this type of program and they have raved about it in the past. It is a great alternative to a hotel or bed and breakfast with lots of benefits. Check out some of the points below!

1.Friends and Fellowship
This is one of the biggest perks to the Christian Home Exchange program. Not only do you get to meet new friends, but you will also participate in fellowship together. Almost like meeting family! This is far different than a hotel where you don't know the people and will probably never see them or talk to them again. You might make friends for life with a program like this.

Some people may not view this as a ministry, but I see it as being very much a way to minister and encourage others. Maybe you could help a student trying to finish college. Or perhaps it will just be a well deserved vacation for a family tired out. Whatever the case may be, I see so many opportunities with this.

So, have any of you ever used a home exchange? Or have you hear any feedback about a program like this?

**DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post written on the behalf of Blogdash and Christian Home Exchange. Please read my full disclosure policy HERE.**

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